Soran Ghadri

B.Eng. in Computer software engineering

About Me

Looking for a well-suited deep learning research position, I am currently intending to both join a vibrant research team and build on my academic foundations in Deep learning both theoretically and practically and stay in tune with new innovative researches through continued coursework and professional development.

Besides, I have done a few pieces of research in Bioinformatic and Recommender systems as well as having team-working experience in software companies.

My long-term goal is to figure out how the cognitive mechanisms give rise to intelligence. However, I do have more specific interests in the field, and the following are some of them:

  • Attention mechanisms
  • Representation learning
  • Propabilistic graphical models
  • Generative models
    and a few more. To make it more tangible, I would like to employ the mentioned topics in:
  • Machine vision
  • NLP and sequence models (e.g. speech recognition, machine translation, natural language understanding etc.)
  • Question answering
  • Context extraction
  • Text generation
    and the list goes on.

A Little More About Me

I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment, however, I will upload more information (i.e. my research and work experiences) later on. If you think you’ll come here once in a blue moon and I can help you out in someway, then you can check out my Linkedin.